Wellness Challenge 2015

The of year for everyone in in the Columbus Community Area to do a little extra exercise (and earn some food for the food pantry) has come around once again. This year instead of challenging another community, we are challenging ourselves, by splitting CJ into to halves, the half North of Highway 92 and the side South of Highway 92. If you aren’t from Columbus Junction but would still like to take part in our challenge, we are gladly welcoming anyone from Louisa County to join in. If you’d like to register  use the link below

You will be asked to report your activity minutes online (the same format as the registration) or you can drop off  your sheet at Columbus Junction City Hall and we’ll enter it.

Week of July 6-12 check-in

Week of July 13-19 check-in

Week of July 20-26 check-in

Week of July 27-August 2 check-in

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