Swinging Bridge – Highway 92

The Columbus Junction Swinging Bridge

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Brochure-History of the Swinging Bridge Melanie DeVore

Postcard shows workers constructing the original Swinging Bridge

Originally constructed in 1886, the Lovers Leap Bridge was  made of barrel staves and wire, then replaced by a bridge on stilts. In 1902, the bridge was condemned for safety reasons, and another was constructed in its place in 1904. That bridge did not last long- 1920, the bridge collapsed with two people on board, neither of whom was injured. In 1922, the present bridge was erected to its current span of 262 feet. It was refurbished in 1954, and has seen frequent improvements since then.

The Swinging Bridge was originally called the Lovers Leap Bridge because of a legend that a heartbroken Indian maiden jumped to her death in the Ravine. Did she? Only the trees know, and they’re not telling.

The Story of the Swinging Bridge

The Story of the Swinging Bridge