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Columbus Junction is thrilled to be a pass through town for RAGBRAI XLIV! It’s our first time hosting the event and we’re glad to get a chance to share our unique brand of Iowa hospitality, humor and cuisine. Riders will be coming through on the morning of Saturday, July 30th. After Columbus Junction they will continue through Fredonia and Letts in Louisa County, then stop at Ardon Creek Winery in Muscatine County before dipping their tires in the Mississippi in the City of Muscatine.

RAGBRAI CJ Route Map — where you can find what along the route in our city.

RAGBRAI VENDORS LAYOUT — locations for downtown vendors

As plans come together more information will be available here for riders. Meanwhile we are gathering information, please take the follow survey to help us with our planning https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/37R3939.

Vendor registration forms are now available.


2016 RAGBRAI Food License Requirements

Temporary Food License Application: https://dia.iowa.gov/sites/default/files/documents/2016/01/temporary_license_application_2015.pdf

CJ RAGBRAI Vendor Application

LCRAGBRAI committee contacts include: Katie Hammond, LCC; Mark Huston, Donnie Orr, Jeff Carey, Todd Salazar, Julie Hiendel, Mallory Smith, Bev Nielsen, City of Columbus Junction; Lisa Exline, City of Fredonia; Karen Koppe, Bill Kemp, Jerry Kirk, City of Letts; Larry Roehl, Louisa County Engineer; Doug Elam, Hometown Pride; Tony Humiston, Louisa County Fair; Jim & Freda Sojka & Sonia Briones, Simply Soothing; and David Duncan, Tyson. The next committee meeting is Monday, May 16 at 8 am at the CJ Civic Center.

2016 Food RAGBRAI overnight

2016 RAGBRAI Passthrough Food Contacts

Beverage Gardens on RAGBRAI

Catering to Riders 2016

Pass-Through Town Handbook 2016

RAGBRAI Recycling

RAGBRAI Recycling