Rental Housing

Columbus Junction adopted a rental housing code in September 2013 and began inspections in April 2014. Rental units are grouped into two groups for either spring or fall inspection. Once a year property owners receive letters with their scheduled inspection date and time(s). Next the landlord submits an inspection application(s) to City Hall along with payment.  The application is listed below along with the entire rental housing code, a 1-page summary, a page that can easily be used to post notice for you tenants of an inspection and a page outlining renter’s responsibilities.

Landlords are expected to contact City Hall before renting a house, apartment or trailer for the first time. the new rental will be inspected an then assigned to either the spring or fall group. We will gladly walk through a prospective rental to give advice about remodeling.

Resource Sheets – Images and text in English, Spanish and Chin to use for signs, leases and other communications with tenants are listed below. Please contact the Community Development Center with suggestions for resource sheets.