Thank you Mayor Wilson!

On Wednesday, December 27 from 2:00 to 4:30 pm an open house will be held to thank Mayor Dan Wilson for his twenty years of service to the city of Columbus Junction. The event will be held at the Columbus Junction Civic Center 232 Second St., Columbus Junction.

Mayor Wilson was first elected in 1994 as a write-in candidate and served a four-year term. He ran as an incumbent in 1997 but was not re-elected. In 2002 Wilson took the mayoral office by write-in vote. He then ran twice as an incumbent and won both times. This year Wilson chose not to run. His twenty years in office make him the longest serving mayor for the City of Columbus Junction.

Mayor Dan Wilson likely will be remembered most for the leadership he provided during the 2008 flood and the recovery that followed. A tremendous effort was made to try to protect the city’s lower commercial area with a temporary levee. The record setting river level was too much for the temporary levee and twenty-nine businesses were flooded. Today all business sites what were flooded then are occupied, a permanent levee protects the 2008 flood area and the City’s water treatment plant was moved to higher ground.

Mayor Wilson’s accomplishments extend far beyond flood preparation and recovery. During his tenure city offices and the Columbus Junction Library moved to a new Civic Center, two housing additions were started; Columbus Junction received four REAP grants, Monkey Run and Swinging Bridge Parks were expanded, Chautauqua Park was renovated, and many other projects were completed.