Learn How to Caucus on December 5

LULAC Council 317 will hold caucus training in Columbus Junction on Saturday, December 5 from 10:30 to noon at the Civic Center, 232 Second St. Participants will learn about voter registration, caucuses, the differences between the Republican and Democratic caucuses, and how to participate. Representatives from both parties will be on hand to lead mock caucuses and to answer questions. Spanish speaking translators will be available.
Statewide LULAC wants to encourage 10,000 to 20,000 Latinos to participate in the caucuses. About 200,000 Iowans are expected to participate in the 2016 Iowa Caucuses, both the Democratic and Republican caucuses. Locally the effort is focused on Hispanics as well as others who may be interested in the political process but uncertain how to get involved. “We want voters to understand the caucus process and to be comfortable with it. People should know that you don’t have to be a party insider in order to participate. The caucuses are open to all voters and this training is too.” said Jose Estrada, president of LULAC Council 317.
LULAC caucus training is open to the public and there is no charge to participate. People wishing to pre-register or to find out more should contact Mallory Smith, Council 317 member at 319-728-7971.