KCB Week 2015 Annual Spring Clean-up – the countdown begins!

April 18 & 19 – Clean Your Yard
Pick up litter, gather broken or unused toys and furniture, rake the leaves, pick up sticks, and mow the yard.
Prune overgrown vines and trees, clean perennials gardens and planters, get pots and gardens ready for planting.
Sort our items for donation, delivery to a transfer station and things to have picked up on Friday.
To dispose of yard waste contact City Hall at 728-7971 to schedule an appointment for drop off.

April 20 – Clean Your Closets and Bedrooms
Donate summer clothing to the United Methodist Church’s Clothes Closet. The Clothes Closet will accept small donations Mon – Thurs from 8:30am-11:00am. For large donations, contact the church at 728-2669, to set a drop off time. Only clean and folded clothing will be accepted.
Other options for clothing and other donations include Goodwill (Washington, Muscatine & Iowa City), Salvation Army (Muscatine & I.C.) , Crowded Closet (I.C) and Habitat Restore (I.C.).

April 21 – Clean Your Kitchens and Bathrooms
Donate your unwanted food, toiletries and cleaning supplies to Columbus Junction Community Action’s food pantry. Items must be unused and unopened and within one year of their “Best if Purchased by” dates. Questions? Call 728-2314
Items can be dropped off at Community Action: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday from 8 to noon and 1 to 4:30

April 22 Get your tags for Citywide Clean-up Day
Come to City Hall and pick up tags for Clean-Up Day (Friday, April 24). Prices for appliances are $15 and electronics are $2 for item without a screen, $5 for item with 18 inch screen or less, and $10 for anything over 18 inch screen. Appliances and electronics will not be picked up without a tag. Clean-up Day rules can be found at City Hall, online and in the Gazette.

April 23 in the afternoon or evening, set things out for the Columbus Junction City wide Clean-up Day Weather permitting; if raining set things out before 7 am on Friday.
Check all your storage areas for things you no longer need or use.
Separate items for donation (see April 20 above).
Separate items to take to the transfer station and hazardous waste to take to Muscatine.
Separate by type.
Place remaining items on the curb for pick-up on Friday.

Friday, April 24
Watch Columbus Junction get cleaner. Thank the guys on the trucks for their hard work; congratulate yourself for your hard work too!

Citywide Clean-up Day Friday, April 24th, 2015

5 things to know

1. Tags are required for some items. Purchase tags at City Hall.

E-waste require tags — televisions, computers, printers, fax machines, VCRs, DVD players, video game consoles, servers, scanners, converter boxes, cable receivers, satellite receivers etc.
$10 for 18-inch or larger screen
$5 for less and 18-inch screen
$2 for all other e-waste items

Appliances require tags – washers, dryers, dehumidifiers, dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators, stoves etc
$15 each for each appliance

2. Some things are not allowed *
We will not pick up:
Paint, paint cans, hazardous materials, chemicals, spray cans
Tires & batteries
Windows or any glass items
Wood or other building materials
E-waste without tags
Appliances without tags
Things in garbage bags

3. All Items must be set out by 7 am Friday, April 24

4. This clean-up is for Columbus Junction residents only

5. Items should be sorted into piles: metal, appliances, e-waste, furniture etc

Questions? Stop by or call City Hall 728-7971

*Residents from Louisa County can take hazardous materials to the Muscatine Recycling Center and Transfer Station, 1000 S Houser Street, Muscatine.
Tires & batteries, windows and glass item, wood or other building materials, e-waste and
appliances can be taken to the Louisa County transfer station 14078 70th Street
Wapello. Fees apply.
See http://www.louisacountyiowa.org/recycle/station.html for more information.

Input sought for Swinging Bridge area development

SBPThe City has a grant from the state’s REAP program that allows us to contract with Shive-Hattery to plan for the development of the Swinging Bridge area. Initial presentations were made to the public on April 2. Attached is the powerpoint presentation Shive-Hattery prepared for those meetings. If you were or were not able to attend one of the presentations we would like your feedback! Please look at the attached presentation: 2015.04.02 Columbus Junction Swinging Bridge or stop by City Hall to see the poster-sized version and give us your impressions using this 6-question survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WCC68NW. Your interest and time are greatly appreciated! The survey will be open through April 17.